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What Should I Expect After I Place My Order?

Don't worry, your Paintru Concierge will guide you through the entire process!

You've either recently submitted an order or are preparing to do so, what comes next?

Timelines: If you are trying to make it in time for a special occasion, be sure to note that in your order and mention it to your Paintru Concierge so we can try to make your deadline. We always recommend ordering early to leave enough time to take advantage of our revision process and to account for delays in shipping times due to COVID-19!

Table of Contents

  1. What happens when my order is placed? (0-3 Days)

  2. Artist Selection (0-2 Days)

  3. The Painting Process (10-15 Days)

  4. Your Paintru Wet Painting Revision (0-5 Days)

  5. Drying & Shipping (4-7 Days)

  6. Framing (optional, 7-40 Days due to COVID-19 delays!)

  7. Delivery (1-6 Days)

Total time: 15 - 38 Days (Most typical: 21-28 days)

1. What happens when my order is placed?

When you first place your order, we will assign your Paintru Concierge who will guide you through the entire process. Your concierge is available to answer any questions you may have and coordinate your order completion with our artist. They may reach out with additional questions to you to find out if you are trying to have your order completed by a certain date or to confirm the details of your order. 

If you are combining multiple photos or want your painting in a specific style, we will confirm those details with you directly via email so that we can select an artist accordingly. Once we've sent your photo to an artist, we are unable to make large, structural changes to the order that would require the artist to restart the work, so we will want to make sure to highlight any relevant details ahead of time.  

Tip: Tell your Paintru Concierge what you want up front in the artist instruction section and describe it in detail so that we can interpret it. If you need to include additional source imagery, reply to the email you receive when you check out with additional imagery and context! 

2. Artist Selection

Once we have nailed down all relevant details, we will find an artist to complete your painting. We have a Rolodex of over 1,500 artists whose work we've already vetted to complete your work. We only work with incredible artists who are capable of capturing the details of your favorite memories. 

Our work supports artists around the globe and provides them with meaningful economic opportunity. Most of our artists work with us on commission subject to their availability, so we cannot guarantee a specific artist ahead of time. 

Tip: If you want a painting completed in an impressionist style or you have special requests, make them known to your Paintru concierge so that they can take it into consideration!

3. The Painting Process

Unlike our competitors, we never print on our canvases - no outline, no structural pieces, we start from a completely blank canvas. We do this for a few reasons - first, your memories deserve a fresh canvas. Printing your photograph onto a canvas would be quicker and cheaper, but our mission is to provide you with the highest quality artwork possible and to empower artists by providing them with economic opportunity. Second, our artists are incredibly talented! It's a waste of their talents to fill in the details by painting atop a print and insulting to them as professionals. 

Our artists are able to paint your order within 10-15 days from scratch. If you have a specific time commitment, we always recommend to order early but if you make it known up front, we will select artists who we know will be able to turn the painting around quickly. 

Tip: You can always email your Paintru Concierge for an update to shipping information or to get a status check on your artwork!

4. Your Paintru Wet Painting Revision

About 14 days after you submit your order, we will send you a first draft of the artwork - this is where the magic happens! The first draft of your painting will arrive in your inbox so that you can work with your Paintru Concierge to ensure it is absolutely perfect! Want to deepen grandma's dimples, whiten your teeth, or add color to your partner's eyes? No problem, we want your painting to be absolutely perfect and your concierge will work with you to ensure the granular details are correct. 

In order to minimize the back-and-forth and get you your artwork as quickly as possible, we recommend closely checking the photo we send you of the painting so that you can address all edits up-front. We can do multiple revisions, but it will slow down the process so it is best to bring all edits to our attention early!

Tip: Double check your artwork after you receive it to call out all changes you'd like to see in the first email you send back to your Paintru Concierge. Having all of the edits at the start helps to speed this process along!

5. Drying & Shipping to Our Warehouse

After you approve your wet painting revision, we will let the artist know to dry and ship your painting to our warehouse in Ohio. It is important that we allow the paints to fully dry so that they do not smear when they painting is shipped - this process can take 1-3 days depending upon the number of revisions and the artist's local climate. 

Once the painting is fully dry, it will be sealed and shipped to our warehouse in Ohio, where we will closely inspect the final work before sending it to your home or on to be framed.

Tip: We rely on our artist's discretion for when the paint is dry enough to ship. We try to update customers as the paintings ship, but occasionally we will have artists delay a shipment to allow for longer drying times. 

6. Framing

If you've selected a frame for your painting, we can either ship it to you rolled in a tube and send a pre-paid shipping tube to your home for you to drop in the mail when you are ready to have the artwork framed, or we can ship it to our framing partner directly. Please let your Paintru Concierge know if you'd like to have the artwork sent directly to our framing partner as we prefer to send it to you directly so that you can hold the artwork in your hands!

Tip: We can send your painting to you rolled and send you a pre-paid shipping tube or send it directly in to our framing partner. Let us know if you're trying to make a deadline so we can send the art in time and give you the flexibility to send it to be framed when you're ready!

7. Delivery

If you opted to have your painting delivered as a rolled canvas, you will receive your finished artwork in 21-25 days in a rolled tube that will be delivered to the shipping address specified at checkout. If you opted to have your painting sent to you after the frame has been applied, it will arrive in a package sent from our framing partner to your home or office. 


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