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What Photo Should I Use?

A high-quality photo will typically work best, but we can work with you to create a beautiful painting regardless!

A great Paintru painting starts with a great photo. High definition photos will give our artists the most detail to be able to accurately capture your photo as a painting.

What if my photo is not high-definition?

If your photo is lower definition, that will be completely fine to use. When you place your order, you will receive an automated email from us with additional details about your painting. If you reply to that email or send an email to with the additional reference photos, we will send those additional photos to our artist so that they have all of the context necessary to ensure your painting turns out perfectly. 

What size painting should I order?

When thinking about your painting size, consider where you will place the painting and pick a size suitable to fill the space appropriately. 

What size do I pick to ensure all of the details come through? 

The key question to consider is "how much canvas space will the artist have to work with?" If your photo features two people who are featured front and center of the photo, that will translate into enough surface space to work with. If, however, the two individuals are further away, consider cropping and zooming in on the individuals or choosing a larger canvas size to ensure the artist has enough space to work with.