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Can I Combine Multiple Photos into One Work of Art?

You have the perfect photo of a person but want a different background? Paintru has you covered.

You're sitting there with a great photo and you want to hang it on your wall as artwork or give it to a friend as the perfect gift, but the background of the photo isn't great. Let your Paintru Concierge know!

Table of Contents

  1. Why Would I Want to Combine Multiple Photos into a Single Piece of Art?
  2. How Do I Combine Multiple Images into One Piece of Art?

1. Why would I want to combine photos?

If you have the perfect layout for a painting but want to substitute the background in the source imagery for another background from another photo, remove an extraneous detail, or have one of our artists recreate an old photo as a painting, we recommend asking our Paintru Concierge what can be done to achieve the desired outcome. We can have our artists paint your work in a style you'd prefer or make changes to the source imagery so that the final painting comes out how you'd like. 

Tip: You may wish to combine photos for any of the following reasons:

  • You want a different background than what appears in the primary source imagery
  • You have better photos of the people in the primary imagery to show details to the artist (Recommended for source imagery that is low quality or faded due to time!)
  • You wish to have one of your friends or family substituted into a famous painting
  • You want the final artwork to be in a specific classical style 

2. How Do I Combine Multiple Images into One Piece of Art?

Before you place your order, we recommend carefully studying the source image to see if there is anything best left un-painted. Is the background exactly how you'd like it to appear in the final version or would you like to add some trees? Anything that you want painted different than it appears in the image - highlight these items in the "Artist Instructions" box on the checkout page.

After your order is placed, you will automatically get an email from - our dedicated Paintru Concierge email address. Reply to this email directly with the additional imagery and a clear message about how to include it - where should it go in the final painting? If we need additional clarification on your image, we will reply to the email asking for specifics, so don't agonize over this, but we do need to know if your desired outcome for the artwork is different from the source imagery so make sure to include your notes in the artist instructions box during checkout or via email directly after you order! 

Tip: Enter any changes you'd like to see to the final work of art into either the "Artist Instructions" box during checkout or reply to the automated email you get when you submit the artwork!

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